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Making bread with a breadmaker: how? which machine to choose? etc.

To make good homemade bread, first and foremost you need good ingredients! Some people prefer to knead bread by hand and others prefer to use a machine. Terry Pomerantz offers us some tips to help us choose the best ingredients and the best breadmaker. And since good bread has to be shared, whether in Montreal … Continued

Grilling a la plancha: Tips and tricks from Terry Pomerantz!

Grilling a la plancha has been trending for a few years. Making grilling accessible to all, the plancha has allowed us to diversify our recipes whether on the barbecue, on a wooden plancha pan or on an electric plancha grill. Become a true chef thanks to Terry Pomerantz’s tips and tricks to ensure great grilling … Continued

Discover our recipes for Christmas Yule logs with Baileys

Terry Pomerantz’s childhood Christmases smelled like the pastries his mother Alice and his grandmother Mariana used to bake. Terry remembers those big tables covered with sugar pies, Christmas doughnuts, fudge squares and fruit cakes. “Everywhere I visited family, it was the same. You couldn’t run out of desserts!” Yule logs from Pâtisserie De Gascogne Terry … Continued

What to cook with eggplant… and how?

Eggplants are Terry Pomerantz‘s favorite vegetable, after fries of course! Eggplant can be served in several forms: tartar, ratatouille, lasagna, etc. Terry Pomerantz has made a specialty of eggplant lasagna. “In Quebec, we know more and more about the nutritional and gastronomic virtues of eggplants. This vegetable is delicious. Nothing could be simpler than cooking … Continued

Pasta with Italian sausage in tomato sauce… or rosé sauce.

Of course, Terry Pomerantz uses fresh food. He always buys his sausages from an artisan butcher in the Atwater, Jean-Talon or West Island markets. He prefers to accompany his Italian sausage pasta with a rosé sauce or a sundried tomato sauce, typical of southern Italian cuisine. Pasta recipe with Italian sausage and rosé sauce à … Continued

Cooking on the BBQ: preferred doneness for varied meats?

When setting up a BBQ as a chef, make sure to cook every red and white meat to bring out all of their flavors. Terry recommends a few important cooking rules to follow. Before cooking Terry always makes sure the meats are at room temperature before putting them on the BBQ grill. “If we take … Continued

Terry’s favourite BBQ recipes

A champion of gourmet summer hospitality, Terry Pomerantz is passionate about good BBQ food. Here are some of his favourite BBQ recipes. The essence of Terry’s BBQ recipes: to marinate. When Terry wants to serve his guests a thick T-bone, a tender filet mignon, a grain fed chicken skewer, pork tenderloins or fish, the first … Continued

Montreal’s public markets

Montreal’s Public Markets Whether it’s to cook his Italian recipes, BBQ recipes or fish, Terry buys his supplies as often as possible from Montreal’s public markets. There he finds spices and fresh vegetables from local farms. Montreal’s public markets also offer him top quality meats, cheeses from Quebec and around the world, as well as … Continued

Pizza Dough: Terry’s Homemade Recipe

More than a philanthropist, an epicurean! Terry Pomerantz is more than a philanthropist who helps children, more than an excellent cook, he is an epicurean philosopher who loves the simple life, and above all, who loves to make his loved ones eat well! Chef Terry Pomerantz’s famous pizza dough recipe There must be hundreds if … Continued