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Beef stew in red wine sauce recipe by Terry Pomerantz

The Pomerantz family has comfort food dishes they love. Amongst these, beef stew in red wine sauce is definitely one of their favorites. Terry Pomerantz, as he stands with apron around the waist and spoon in hand, declares: “cook it nice and slow, simplicity is the key!” Where does beef stew come from? It seems … Continued

How to set a table according to Terry Pomerantz?

For Terry Pomerantz, welcoming guests to the table is just as important as serving them good wine. A well-prepared table pleases the eye and whets the appetite. The wine sparkles in the glasses, the aromas of the soups and sauces warm the heart. The meal can begin! The origins of the art of table setting … Continued

Terry Pomerantz’s favorite BBQ pork tenderloin recipe

During the summer months, Terry Pomerantz loves grilling a mouth-watering pork tenderloin on the BBQ. Here is Terry’s favorite BBQ pork tenderloin recipe, along with his quick & easy BBQ pork tenderloin recipe. How to choose the best pork tenderloin for the BBQ Terry Pomerantz chooses his pork tenderloin with great care. “Pork tenderloin is … Continued

Sweetened condensed milk ice cream recipe

If it’s important to accompany a pasta meal or a plancha grill dinner with a carefully chosen Italian wine, it’s equally important to complete a meal with a light and refreshing dessert. A refreshing ice cream made with sweetened condensed milk is just the thing! A little history of ice cream Sorbets made from ice … Continued

Vegan ice cream: two delicious recipes!

Amazing! Terry Pomerantz has two vegan ice cream recipes for us!  We all know that Terry is a passionate cook. But we didn’t know he could love vegan food.  Neither did he, until he tried vegan ice cream at friends’ houses on two occasions. “I have to admit, I enjoyed it! Here are their recipes. … Continued

How to make a good roast beef: cooking, meat and recipe.

“My mother’s roast beef was so good!” In Quebec, it seems that only our mothers and grandmothers were able to make a good, I mean, excellent roast beef. And they didn’t even know about Kobe beef! But now it’s 2021, and there’s no more reasons why the guys shouldn’t leave their mark as good cooks … Continued

All about Kobe beef, the world-renowned Japanese beef

Kobe beef is a Japanese beef that is world-renowned for its quality. Terry Pomerantz describes the origins of this exceptional meat and how he serves it to his guests. Origins of Kobe beef Originally from Japan, Kobe beef is the original name for Tajima beef, a branch of the Wagyu breed. Originally, Kobe beef, known … Continued

Terry Pomerantz’s Best BBQ Prime Rib Recipe

Terry Pomerantz’s best recipe for barbecuing prime rib (rib-eye steak) is deliciously simple! How to choose a good prime rib for a BBQ? If you’re in a hurry, buy your rib-eye steaks at the supermarket. Otherwise, Terry Pomerantz recommends buying them from an independent butcher. “Butchers are true artisans. They choose their meat. When the … Continued

The Best BBQ Ribs Recipe

Are you dreaming of good ribs on the BBQ? An excellent gourmet carnivore, Terry Pomerantz reveals his recipe for BBQ ribs. Choosing good ribs for the BBQ Ask your butcher for advice to ensure you choose the best meat for your BBQ ribs. The best pork ribs come from the back (baby back ribs or … Continued