Recipe ideas for your family gatherings

Terry loves having family and friends over for a good meal. He truly enjoys cooking for the people he loves. “Love and friendship are the main ingredients to a good meal. I am not a chef. I find my recipe ideas for family gatherings in magazines, on the web and on television. But no matter what I choose to cook, I think about my mom’s family meals and celebrations and that is where I get my most brilliant ideas. I also improvise a little too. After all, when you improvise with your heart, you can turn a family gathering into a truly unforgettable event!”

For a family who likes tradition

The holidays, Easter, Mardi Gras, Roch Hachana, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Aïd Kébir, Chinese New Years, Thanksgiving, whatever! They are all great opportunities to cook traditional meals from wherever you’re from. Roasted turkey, chicken in honey and pomegranate juice, chestnut goose, saffron Paella, cod accra, royal couscous or 5- flavor sautéed duck, whatever you choose to make is sure to please festive taste buds!

For a family with limited time

For the business man, the patron, the father and friend that he is, having such limited time that Terry Pomerantz would turn to junk food to feed his friends and family is an inconceivable idea. Quite the contrary; when everyone seems to be running out of time isn’t it the perfect reason to take a pause and gather around a homemade macaroni and cheese, a warm soup or a roast beef and potato fricassee?

There are so many simple and heartwarming recipes that can allow everyone to take the deserved brake they need.

For a family who loves sugar

Having a sweet tooth is not uncommon in Quebec! Sugar pie? Date squares? Pineapple ham? Roasted pork with prunes? Pudding Chomeur? Blueberry dumplings? Crispy beef in sesame? Honey and wild garlic chicken? Terry Pomerantz never hesitates to suggest recipes that have that touch of sweetness for which we are known for, no matter where these recipes are from. An orange and almond cake? How does that sound?

For a family that thrives around a barbecue

Smelling the rich aromas from a barbecue is no longer a rare occurrence… even in the midst of February! So, summer or winter, Terry Pomerantz does not hesitate to add grilled steaks, sausage, BBQ chicken, rack of lamb or kebabs to the family meals. “But it is even tastier in the summer” adds Terry.

For his second family

All of the recipes Terry suggests, he also prepares for his friends, whom he refers to as his second family. Moreover, his family and friends often take place at the table together to share the same little piece of heaven, a shared tasty meal he has prepared with care.