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Terry’s BBQ Grill Guide: Charcoal, Gas or Electric?

Terry Pomerantz is more than a cook. He’s a slightly picky cook who won’t grill his meat on any BBQ, nor with any fuel or any grill. The Electric BBQ The electric BBQ is clean and environmentally friendly. It does not produce any greenhouse gases or toxic gases. In winter, you can use it without … Continued

BBQ Steak Guide for the perfect barbecue

Terry Pomerantz is more than a philanthropist, more than an entrepreneur, he’s a cook! “Watching my mother cook is how I learned. Then, I read recipes, watched TV shows and read cookbooks. I try my best to make these famous recipes and when I fail one after two or three tries, I realize it’s too … Continued

The herbs and spices Terry needs to season his Italian recipes.

Fresh Spices Terry‘s cooking smells like fresh spices. “There’s no better way to cook Italian food than with fresh herbs. Just chop the chives, the basil, and you’ve got the scent of Italian cooking.” Terry buys his fresh herbs at his local farmer’s market, at the supermarket, the fish market or at his favorite butcher. … Continued

Homemade ravioli recipe, Terry’s new challenge!

The origins of ravioli According to Wikipedia, ravioli comes from China. It is likely that the recipe for ravioli reached Italy via Arab countries. In fact, the oldest known recipe for this pasta, now recognized as a typical Italian pasta recipe, comes from a 10th Century Arabic cookbook. It consists of pasta squares filled with … Continued

The best Italian dishes according to Terry

Terry loves Villa Massimo’s veal dishes. “I’ve been eating regularly for years at Villa Massimo in La Prairie, on the South Shore of Montreal. Its chef, Gabriele Ottoni, cooks masterpieces! His Al ‘Gorgonzola’ veal medallions, topped with a cream, white wine and gorgonzola Cheese sauce, and his Scallopine Alla ‘Toscanina’ with fresh spinach, garlic, cream, … Continued