The most expensive beef cuts in the world

Amongst the most expensive meats in the world, we are all under the impression that the Japanese Kobe beef is on the top of the podium. But the competition is increasingly fierce! Terry Pomerantz tells us more about the most expensive beef cuts in the world.

The most expensive beef cuts in the world

In fact, the 2000 vintage côte de boeuf from Boucherie Polmard can reach up to $ 3,200 US.

The Polmard farm is located in Saint Mihiel en Meuse, in north-eastern France.

Polmard beef comes mostly from Blonde d’Aquitaine. The cattle roams the fields for 2.5 to 3 years. During the last 6 months, they are gathered back for barn living where they are fed with cold-pressed rapeseed cake, triticale, alfalfa, hay and rock salt.

The aging of Polmard beef is done in vacuum packed, anti-UV tarps. The oxygen and humidity levels are rigorously controlled. Beef Polmard aging is done piece by piece: 4 to 6 weeks for filet, 4 to 8 weeks for steak and 6 to 8 weeks for côte de boeuf.

What is Kobe  beef?

Exclusively produced in Japan, Kobe beef comes from a breed of Japanese cattle called tajima, which is reared with great care and in accordance with traditional methods. This is done in Hyōgo, a prefecture in the Kansai region, with Kobe as the prefectural capital. The cattle is prone to intense fat marbling, making the meat exceptionally tender.

Kobe cattle is reared in certified farms that are cared for by farmers who are registered with the Hyōgo prefecture. Kobe beef is slaughtered after having been reared stress-free for a period of over 500 days. Some farmers even play calm music in the barns and massage the animals one by one.

Kobe beef slices.

What is Wagyu beef?

The word “Wagyu” actually means beef in Japanese. It refers to all Japanese cattle breeds including Kobe beef. Wagyu beef sold in Canada comes from a cross-breeding between a pure breed Wagyu bull and an Angus heifer (a heifer is a cow that has never had a calf).

Top 10 most expensive meats in the world

  1. The 2000 vintage côte de bœuf from Boucherie Polmard (north-eastern France)
  2. The Kobe Strip Steak (Japan) $ 350 US for a 360 g steak
  3. The Flang Wagyu Sirloin (Australia) $ 295 US
  4. Kobe filet (Japan) $ 258 US for 240 g of meat
  5. Kobe Special Selection filet (Japan) $ 246 for 170 g
  6. Wagyu Sirloin $ 169 US for 300 g of meat at the Burj Al Arab Hotel restaurant in Dubaï.
  7. The Wagyu Kobe Filet $ 144 for a 180 g steak in Dallas, Texas.
  8. The Wagyu NO Sumibiyaki $ 139 at the Zuma London restaurant
  9. Wagyu Tomahawk – $ 109 for a 900 g piece of meat at the Providence restaurant in Rhode Island, USA.
  10. The Wagyu Kobe Eye Cheesesteak – $ 100 in a Philadelphia restaurant, in the United States.

Way beyond a well-set table!

Even if you master the art of setting a table, what matters most is what’s in your plate! The flavors and delicious aroma of your cut of beef will always surpass the pleasures of a table that has been properly set.

“Enjoying fully with all of your senses… this is what I wish for those who will get a taste of these different beef cuts, which are amongst the most expensive and delicious in the world” concludes Terry Pomerantz, clearly grateful to be amongst the ones who have the privilege of enjoying a taste of the finest meats.

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