Terry’s BBQ Grill Guide: Charcoal, Gas or Electric?

Terry Pomerantz is more than a cook. He’s a slightly picky cook who won’t grill his meat on any BBQ, nor with any fuel or any grill.

The Electric BBQ

The electric BBQ is clean and environmentally friendly. It does not produce any greenhouse gases or toxic gases. In winter, you can use it without fear in the garage. However, electric BBQs are not very powerful, and they have difficulty reaching high temperatures. “The heating elements of electric BBQs do not make a flame. So it’s almost impossible to get that lightly charred taste you love so much when cooking on the BBQ,” says Terry.

The Charcoal BBQ

“I’d rather cook on a charcoal BBQ. I use hard charcoal such as Royal Oak Hardwood and Big Green Egg, both made from oak and hickory. This charcoal brings out the flavor of the meat without the chemical aftertaste of the toxic fumes from charcoal soaked in flame accelerant.”

Terry cooks on a Big Green Egg brand BBQ. This large BBQ is made of very high quality ceramic inspired by NASA. The temperature can reach 1,000ᵒF. The Big Green Egg allows you to sear meats at a very high temperature. “I wait until the heat of my BBQ reaches 700ᵒF before searing a steak. The ConvEGGtor on my BBQ controls the heat perfectly. You can even use the Big Green Egg as both pizza and smoking oven.”


“The gas BBQ also gives good results. I use it for meats that don’t require too precise cooking like sausages or hamburgers. I also use it to keep charcoal-cooked meats warm while waiting to serve them. The Weber and Napoleon are my favourite gas BBQs.”

BBQ grills

If you have a good quality BBQ, Terry Pomerantz recommends that you get several types of grills. For example, use a grooved cast iron griddle to cook fish fillets and croque-monsieur. Use a smooth cast iron griddle to cook eggs, pancakes and blinis. The cast iron grill is perfect for grilling meats and vegetables and the ceramic cooking stone is ideal for baking bread, apple pies, focaccias and pizzas.

“By cooking on your BBQ, not only will you enjoy the summer with your loved ones, but you’ll prolong all the flavours for a long, long, long time… am I dreaming, or is it snowing?”

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