BBQ Steak Guide for the perfect barbecue

Terry Pomerantz is more than a philanthropist, more than an entrepreneur, he’s a cook! “Watching my mother cook is how I learned. Then, I read recipes, watched TV shows and read cookbooks. I try my best to make these famous recipes and when I fail one after two or three tries, I realize it’s too complicated for me!”

First of all, quality

Terry’s biggest secret is the quality of the ingredients. “You can cook your meat on any gas, charcoal or electric BBQ, if the ingredients aren’t of the highest quality, your grills will have a limited success.”

Top BBQ meats

Veal, lamb, beef, red or white meats, chicken legs or pork steak, seafood, ribs, filet mignon or sausages, Terry likes to cook everything on his BBQ. But for Terry: “Nothing beats a good rare steak, much better a good rib steak 1.5 inches thick.”

Bites of roasted bacon

As an appetizer before sliding down to the rib steak, Terry serves his guests bites of roasted bacon. He marinates ¼” cubes overnight in maple syrup and a little cayenne pepper. He cooks the bacon cubes well until crispy and serves. “In less time than it takes to uncork a bottle of fine Italian wine to go with it, your bacon cubes will be gone!”

BBQ salami.

Terry also likes to serve slices of all-beef salami as a starter. “You have to buy a whole salami, cut it into slices that are ¼” thick and slit each slice in the middle to prevent them from curling up during cooking. Cook them on both sides until crispy. Serve, making sure to leave a jar of mustard on the table. “Count yourself lucky if your guests leave you a few slices!” says Terry, laughing.

BBQ Seafood Appetizer

“It’s one of my favorite recipes. It’s tasty, simple to prepare. It is a light starter that prepares the stomach well for a stronger meat. You cook the shrimp on skewers on the BBQ, dip them in garlic butter and then breadcrumbs and serve.”

The veal

“When I cook veal pieces on the BBQ, I always choose them thick. When cooking, it is important that the middle of the piece is pink, otherwise the veal will lose a lot of flavour. I prepare a spicy oil composed of ½ cup of canola oil or corn oil to which I add a jalapeno pepper and boil it for a few minutes. To make the veal piece taste better, I brush it with a small spoonful of this spicy oil.”

No matter the recipe…

No matter the recipe, a BBQ is an opportunity to get together and share. There is undoubtedly something there that goes back to our deepest origins. “If humanity is still there, it’s because we’ve come together, because from our origins we’ve been in solidarity within the same family. A family that today has almost 8 billion sisters and brothers,” Terry concludes.

Terry Pomerantz, passionate about good food, shares with you his gastronomic favorites, tips and recipes, turning every meal into a memorable experience. Explore his culinary universe and discover the delights he suggests to tantalize your taste buds.