Pizza Napolitana or Pizza Romana: What’s the difference?

Terry Pomerantz simply loves pizza, either Napolitana or Romana. He also suggests a few Italian wines that pair well with pizza. Differences between Pizza Napolitana and Pizza Romana. The main difference between a Pizza Napolitana and a Pizza Romana is the dough. Here are recipes for a traditional Pizza Napolitana and classic Pizza Romana. Pizza … Continued

The most expensive beef cuts in the world

Amongst the most expensive meats in the world, we are all under the impression that the Japanese Kobe beef is on the top of the podium. But the competition is increasingly fierce! Terry Pomerantz tells us more about the most expensive beef cuts in the world. Terry’s favorite BBQ recipes The most expensive beef cuts … Continued

How to reheat cooked lobster?

It is early May. In Gaspesie and the Magdalene Islands, the salty air is thick with excitement. At the docks, the fishermen are finishing up preparations before embarking on the ships. It’s the opening of lobster fishing season! Terry Pomerantz takes out his phone to order his first lobsters at his fishmonger. Spring is in … Continued

Which meat to cook on a spit?

Cooking on a spit is not only reserved to veal or a whole pig, for a delicious mechoui with friends. Here are a few other meat suggestions to cook on a spit, amongst Terry Pomerantz’ favorite BBQ recipes! BBQ spit Terry Pomerantz always uses the electric spit on his barbecue. “I don’t like to make … Continued

Substitute for fish stock

Oh yes! Although Terry Pomerantz is an avid carnivore, he often cooks different fish and seafood dishes. And even if his fridge is loaded with goodies –like all good cooks- he sometimes runs out of fish stock. Can you substitute fish stock? And what with? Fish Stock Generally, Terry Pomerantz makes his fish stock from: … Continued

Terry Pomerantz’s traditional Christmas turkey recipe

For the Christmas family meal, Terry Pomerantz has chosen his mother’s Traditional Christmas turkey recipe. Every year, he prepares his Christmas turkey with care, following his mother’s detailed instructions and recipe. The origins of the Christmas turkey tradition A turkey is a wild bird from the American continent. Apparently, Spanish conquistadors introduced it to Europe … Continued

Mini Christmas Desserts: Terry Pomerantz’ sweet bite-sized desserts

Terry Pomerantz remembers the “sweet bite size deserts” that his grandmother made for Christmas. “For dessert at Christmas dinner, Grandma would place a strawberry pie, an apple pie and a sugar pie in the middle of the table. In between the pies, she would place her banana cake and a bowl of warm whipped cream. … Continued

Terry’s cooking tips for successful BBQ oysters

The barbecue no longer holds any secrets for Terry Pomerantz. This grilling sorcerer offers a few tips and tricks for grilling oysters successfully over the barbecue. Find out more: Terry’s favorite BBQ recipes Which oysters are the best for the BBQ? In Quebec fish shops, we can easily find Malpeque, Caraquet and Beausoleil oysters, named … Continued

The best types of wood for the grill, according to Terry Pomrantz

20 % hickory. “I always use organic hardwood charcoal. Oak and hickory quickly produce high heat levels and burn between 4 to 6 hours. Organic wood charcoal does not contain any chemicals or additives that give your food a fuel-like flavor. How to use wood chips on the grill? Great wood, great taste When Terry … Continued